In Leipzig: flute lessons in English


My name is Christine Müller, I am a professional flutist, orchestral musician and music teacher based in Leipzig.

As a freelance musician, I perform regularly with different symphony, opera or chamber orchestras throughout Germany and Europe. (Due to Corona, most of those concerts have been cancelled… But hopefully, cultural and musical life will come back soon!)

In my lessons, I share my experience and passion for the flute and classical music with you – anybody is welcome, no matter what age, whether you are an absolute beginner or already experienced on the flute!

Flute lessons for beginners, intermediate and professionals

If you are new to music and don’t have your own flute yet, I can help you find the right instrument for you or your child and advise you on buying or renting a flute. For the first trial lesson, I have an instrument ready for you.
For really small children, I also offer lessons on the recorder, which is a wonderful way to start your musical education!

My focus in teaching is on enjoying the music as well as cultivating a healthy and body-aware way of playing the flute. I personalize each lesson so that it really fits the needs and wishes of my students.

My lessons are addressed to students of all ages and all levels – it is never too late to start learning an instrument, also for adults! If you are already advanced, I am happy to work on more complicated repertoire with you or help you prepare a concert, orchestra project or competition.
If you want to become a professional musician yourself, I can help you prepare for the audition in a „Musikhochschule“ (music conservatory).

Location of our lessons:

The flute lessons usually take place at my home in Leipzig-Stötteritz.
(You can take Tram 4 oder Bus 74 to „Rathaus Stötteritz“).

On rare occasions I can also come to your home, but this has to be negotiated.

Trial Lesson

30 min 30,- €


Single Lessons

45 min 45,00 €
90 min 70,00 €


Teaching Contract

Monthly Fee
Price per lesson
30 min / week 75,- € 21,67 €
45 min / week 95,- € 30,- €
60 min / week 120,- € 38,33 €


Lessons with teaching contract take place once per week (excluding holidays in Saxony).

Bundle of 10 Lessons

Price for
10 lessons
Price per lesson
10 x 30 min 300,- € 30,- €
10 x 45 min 450,- € 45,- €
10 x 60 min 500,- € 50,- €


The ten-lesson bundle is valid for six months. We can agree in advance on fixed dates or remain flexible. You can take double lessons.

If needed, we could agree on lessons during holidays.

Government Grant:

If you receive „Kinderzuschlag, Wohngeld, Arbeitslosengeld II“ or „Sozialgeld“ of SGB II, you can be supported with 10,- € per month via the program „Teilhabe am sozialen und kulturellen Leben für Kinder und Jugendliche“.

Take a trial lesson!

If you are interested in private flute lessons for yourself or your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me – in a first trial lesson, we can set your goals and expectations.